Storing luggage while visiting Prague

Must see in Prague

Today there is many ways how to travel around the world and there is many options for accommodation as well hotels, hostels, apartments and many services like Airbnb and

There is few things that can ruin your trip and thats where to leave your luggage If you have early check in or late flight. Many of the Airbnb hosts do not provide luggage storiging not just they dont have capacity but the main reason is time. Imagine you run more than 5 apartments and its high season and your guests are leaving at 11 am and the new one are coming at 2 pm than you must get everything ready and your guests would like to leave your lugagges with you and pick them up in the evening. Then you have a problem. You can send your guests to the railway station which might be too far and busy or just tell your guest sorry. That is why we have started our first private Luggage Storage in Prague located in Revolucni 8, Prague 1. Few steps from Palladium shopping centre and metro station.

We offer many services and very popular one is luggage transfer and pick up. We can pick up your lugagge when checking out and deliver to our storage and you can pick it up later. We can also deliver your luggages from our storage to your apartment or hotel when you are ready for check in. Students also use our Long Term storage and we have best price in Prague plus If you are student you will get 10% discount. We also have professional drivers and nice cars which can take you to the airport. To find out more check our website.Luggage Storage Prague