Luggage Storage vs Luggage Lockers

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There are three groups of travels one group is looking for luggage lockers the other for storage with staff and another group simply doesn’t care.

The big advantage of regular luggage storage is that it never gets full unless it is located in main train station where is lot of traffic. The big disadvantage of luggage lockers is that it always gets full very quickly not because of small capacity because some of them can hold decent number of bags but because of one traveler can occupy one locker with one bag where you can possibly fit 2 or 3 bags. Other thing  what can make your life worst and waste your valuable time is that you do not know If the lockers will be free or full when you get there. Then imagine you checked out at 10 am in your hotel or Airbnb apartment then you decide to store you bags at luggage lockers  then you spend maybe 30 minutes to get there and then you found out that all lockers are full. Then you have to look for other solution and instead of enjoying the last day in Prague without luggage you must look for other options.

Fortunately, this can never happen to us because we have always plenty of room in all of our locations and you can always call us and ask. Looking forward to see you! Your Luggage Storage Prague.